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Development Insights on my AI-powered App

About a month ago, I developed a proof of concept for an AI based app.

Little did I expect to get myself into a small adventure. In the following I want to share the key insights gained from building an AI app.

▶️ Streamline your UI design by choosing a simple framework and focus on essential widgets only.
This enforces simplicity. Sounds easy but making things simple is hard work.

▶️ Playing with the prototype sparkes new ideas. With limited ressources it is essential to keep focused.
Totally not cool when open-source models allow you to go multi-modal at almost zero costs.

▶️ Don't feel obligated to understand the intricacies of AI technology when building an innovative product. As long as you know what it can do and how to interact with it, you're good to go.
Just call the API and build the app you always dreamed about. 👍

🚀 In conclusion, LLMs (Large Language Models) are the key to making workflows more intelligent. However, the majority of the effort will still be spent on traditional development tasks when building these workflows.